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Ă…rsrapporter Framsenter Flaggskip 2018

10. April 2019

Projects financed as part of the Plastic in the Arctic programme

Plastic in the Arctic - Projects financed in 2019

9. April 2019

Fram Center Flagship publications 2018 (with links!)

27. February 2019

An interactive summary of all the published research from the  Fram Center Flagship in 2018

The Fram Centre publication list contains only publications in peer review journals and consists of publications from the six flagships in the Fram Centre. Only published research that has been solely or partly financed by the Fram Centre or by other means has been made possible by the Fram Centre is listed. Only articles published or already availible are listed here! (If anyone wants the list in a formatt that can be directly imported into a referance managing system  - please get in touch with

Viktig datoer for de som jobber med Framsenter forskning

Important dates 2019 for those involved in the research cooperation at the Fram Center

12. February 2019

EU JPI Oceans call deadlines 28 feb 2019

And while your are preparing your proposals for the Plastic in the Arctic perhaps this will also be of interest!

26. November 2018

While you are putting together yours plastic in the arctic proposals perhaps this  might also be of interest?



The Ocean Acidification Flagship will have no calls this year new projects

31. October 2018

The Ocean Acidification Flagship will have no calls this year new projects. The currently funded project entitled Ocean Acidification - Drivers and Effects on Arctic Marine organisms and ecosystems (OA-DREAM) will run for 3 years (2018-2020). The portfolio of Work packages will continue to receive funding, but there will be no openings for new projects until after 2020.

Deadline: 23:59:59, 1st. of November 2018

Call for proposals for the flagship Fjord og Kyst funding year 2019

23. October 2018

The call for project proposals can be found here Utlysning F&K 2019.pdf

Follow the procedures listed under "Flagships and funding - Send proposal for 2019"

For additional information, please contact Lis Lindal Jørgensen ( or Paul Renaud (