Floating Nuclear Power Plants in the Arctic 10.10.19 19:00 UiT

Challenges associated with the use of Floating Nuclear Power Plants in the Arctic

3. October 2019

On the 10th of October, 19:00, we will host at the Faculty of Law – specifically at the champagnekantina – a public outreach seminar on use of floating nuclear power plants in the Arctic.

This time the title of the event is ‘Challenges associated with the use of Floating Nuclear Power Plants in the Arctic’.

This session will include presentations from Section Director Mette Nilsen and Senior Adviser Øyvind Aas-Hansen of the Norwegian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, Senior Legal Adviser Lill Veronika Benjaminsen from the Norwegian Coastal Administration, and Associate Professor Maria Madalena das Neves from NCLOS. These presentations will provide an explanation of floating nuclear power plants and their characteristics; the challenges and risks they pose in the context of their operation in the Arctic and of navigation through Norwegian waters; as well as an explanation of the adequacy of applicable legal framework.

These presentations are undertaken in the context of the project Arctic FNPPs funded by the FRAM Centre.

For more information see https://www.facebook.com/events/2365219600398421/

You can down load it here if needed!

Flagship reporting template 2019

16. September 2019

Fram Centre Flagship calls 2019 for funding in 2020

16. September 2019

The deadline for application for the calls for funding will be the 15th of November 2019 - all calls will be publised in the first halg of october!

Questions can be sent to kathryn.donnelly@framsenteret.no or the flagship leaders!

Invitasjon, artikler i Fram Forum 2020

6. September 2019

Fram Forum utgis en gang i året og skal formidle aktiviteten i Framsenteret til et internasjonalt og nasjonalt publikum. Publikasjonen, som er på engelsk, har eget ISSN-nummer og utgis både digitalt og på papir og på eget nettsted; framforum.com. I 2020 er det klar for niende utgaven

ACAP Workshop with Experts from FRAM Center and Invited Guests -Tuesday, September 10, 2019 9:00 – 12:00 in Kompasset

6. September 2019

The Arctic Council Working Group ACAP will hold its next meeting here in the FRAM Center. The purpose of the workshop is to pull together experts from within the FRAM Center and local experts living in Tromsø on topics relevant to the ACAP Mandate. This includes POPs and mercury, hazardous and solid waste management and the mitigation of short-lived climate pollutants. Invited speakers include experts from institutes housed with the FRAM Center as well as representative from the Troms County waste management company REMIX, and a youth presentation by a local international student related to black carbon reduction. All FRAM Center employees are welcome to join this three-hour session in Kompasset.

Latest research news from the Fram Center Flagships!

Årsrapporter Framsenter Flaggskip 2018

10. April 2019

Projects financed as part of the Plastic in the Arctic programme

Plastic in the Arctic - Projects financed in 2019

9. April 2019

Fram Center Flagship publications 2018 (with links!)

27. February 2019

An interactive summary of all the published research from the  Fram Center Flagship in 2018

The Fram Centre publication list contains only publications in peer review journals and consists of publications from the six flagships in the Fram Centre. Only published research that has been solely or partly financed by the Fram Centre or by other means has been made possible by the Fram Centre is listed. Only articles published or already availible are listed here! (If anyone wants the list in a formatt that can be directly imported into a referance managing system  - please get in touch with kd@framsenteret.no)