Har finner dere kontakt detaljer og overskrift av flaggskip prosjekter 2018

Fram Centers Flagship projects 2018

24. May 2018

Latest research news from the Fram Center Flagships!

Årsrapporter Framsenter 2017

25. April 2018

Her er sammlingen av alle forskning som er gjørt i regi av Framsenterets flagskipene i 2017!

Project submission portal (log in required) project proposal template and general information for flagship funding - budget year 2020

11. August 2016

Flagship proposal each proposal submitted to the Framsenter flagships should be comprised of, 

A) Online administation form  which should also be filled and submitted https://forms.gle/NYEUZ5QhN9PQ6kZT6 

(Remember to save the link you get at the end of the form if you wish to edit this form at a later date)

B) A word template found here Application+form+for+Fram+Centre+flagships+generic.docx  The application with CV's and other attachments should be included in one PDF file, and submitted  (1 pdf containing application and all attachments) through ifram portal which can be found at the bottom of this webpage (see further guidance under)​

In order to be eligible for funding each proposal should submit both part A and part B

Submission deadline 23:59:59 the 15th November 2019.

The specific calls for the individual flagships can be found under "flagships and funding"

A USER GUIDE CAN BE FOUND HERE -> User guide to online submission of flagship projects 2019.pdf

Please be aware that when your submitt your data through these two portals it will be stored it for a limited period. Data is only shared with those carryingout proposal assessment and administration.

Proposal submission portal (1pdf with Project proposal and CV's)