Call for proposals for the research program 'Plastic in the Arctic' for 2019

Deadline 16:00 1 December 2018

Call for proposals for the research program 'Plastic in the Arctic' for 2019

This is an invitation to submit proposals to the research program 'Plastic in the Arctic' for the year 2019. The scientific basis is given by the program plan 'Scientific program 2019 – 2023' which you can find here Plast i Arktis vitenskapelig plan 2018-2023_published.pdf

The overall objective of the program 'Plastic in the Arctic' is to establish and disseminate knowledge about the extent, distribution and transport of plastic contamination in the Arctic, and explore how it affects Arctic ecosystems on land, sea ice and in the ocean. An important aim is to produce knowledge for local and national environmental management, including international regulation for plastic pollution control.

  • The funding basis depends on the allocation of funds earmarked for incentive and inter-flagship funds in 2019 in the state budget. The call is open for projects with a duration between 1 and 3 years, provided that funding for the program is maintained beyond 2019.
  • The proposals should answer the objectives and approaches of the themes in the scientific program. Inter - and/or multidisciplinary approaches across several scientific disciplines and themes are prioritized.
    • Theme 1. Sources, distribution and trends in the environment
    • Theme 2. Environmental interactions and impacts
    • Theme 3. Societal impacts

Projects with a clear focus towards industry (e.g. fisheries, aquaculture, tourism, oil & gas, etc.) should send their application to the flagship MIKON (Environmental Impacts of Industrial Development in the North; next application deadline 01.11.2019).

Proposals must include the following information:

  1. Relevance to one or more of the themes in the program plan. Please specify in the application form which theme(s) is/are addressed.
  2. Scientific description and approach
  3. In order to be eligable for funding there must be at LEAST 2 partners from the Fram Center Institutes involved.
  4. Type of project. Specify in the application form which type of project is applied for:
  • Research project relating to an existing project(s) with external evaluation and funding. Consortia that have obtained external evaluation and funding (or excellent evaluation score, but no funding) from national or international research agencies (e.g. NFR, EU) can apply for additional work, where Fram Centre funding gives a clear added value. Benefits for the Fram Centre program must be described (e.g. adding Fram Centre partners). Attachment of the external evaluation and funding information is required. Funding up to NOK 650 000 per year. Duration 1-3 years.
  • Original/new research project with scientific basis. Projects building upon previously produced data/knowledge without external evaluation and quality assurance. Research projects that develop new ideas (pilot projects) are also welcome. Financing up to NOK 650 000 per year. Duration 1-3 years.
  • Workshop. Scientific meeting with relevant local, national and/or international networks to exchange information and/or data, develop standardized methods and QA/QC exercises, explore interdisciplinary approaches etc. Funding up to 200 000 NOK per event.

Targeted outreach projects to disseminate research results from the 'Plastic in the Arctic' program to relevant stakeholders from management, industry and/or the general public will be invited in addition to the above after the first year, when results become available (i.e. starting in 2020). PIs are encouraged, however, to include outreach activities within their research projects (see evaluation criteria below). Outreach activities have to be described with budgeted deliverables similar to research deliverables.

  1. Provide a detailed budget per year and per participating institution, specifying direct and indirect costs, as well as in-kind contributions. Projects with external financing should specify both external funding and Fram Centre funding in the budget.
  2. Provide short CVs (max 5 pages) of PI and co-PIs involved in the project as attachments.
  3. Provide three (3) names for impartial and qualified experts to review the proposal (projects without external evaluation only).


Deadline for submissions: December 1 2018, 16:00 Oslo time

IMPORTANT Submitting a project proposal 

Each proposal submitted for Framsenter flagship funding is comprised of;

A) online administation form  which should also be filled and submitted

B) a word template link here which should be filled out, saved as a pdf and MUST be sent by email to  and 

Questions about the application process can be sent to tlf 90851867 

In order to be eligable for funding each proposal should submitt both part A and part B