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Physical Environment
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Oddva Longva, NGU
  • Oddvar Longva, NGU
  • Aivo Lepland, NGU
  • Liv Plassen, NGU
  • NN, HI
  • NN, HI
  • NN, HI



Fjord and coast, Theme: Structure, function and change in Arctic and boreal ecosystems

Funding Source
Fram Centre
Summary of Results

An overview of existing data regarding bathymetry, geological sediment samples, video transects and seismic data in the Porsangerfjord is compiled. Areas deeper than c 40 m of the fjord are covered with multibeam echosounder data. The majority of the data are from 1995-1997 and acoustic backscatter data do not exist. The inner part of the fjord were mapped in 2000 with new equipment and has backscatter data. A few seismic lines and bottom video lines exist in the outer part of the fjord, but no geologic samples from the fjord are registered.

Based on these data, plans for geologic mapping, current simulations and oceanographic studies for 2012-2014 will be made in December 2011.

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Project result will first be available in 2012.

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No results to communicate yet.

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Funding was adequate for data compilation and planning of future activity.

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