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Project information
Project title
Exposure to mixtures and hormonal changes
Project leader
Jon Ø. Odland, UiT
  • Department of Community Medicine, University of Tromsø, Vivian Berg (stipendiat), Jon Ø Odland (prof)
  • NILU , Torkjel M Sandanger
  • UNN, Ole Martin Fuskevåg

Hazardous substances, Theme: Human health and society

Funding Source
Fram Centre, Helse Nord
Summary of Results

All POP analyses are finished and PFAS data are being finalized these days. The hormone analysis will only be analysed in January. POPs are in general low with the common PCB 153 and p,p’-DDE dominating. The PFASs have decreased considerably the last years and our data confirms this. This is encouraging news for pregnant women today and shows that efforts to reduce emissions are helpful. We have been considerably delayed due to instrumental problems during spring and early Summer. All samples had to be re-run.

Published Results/Planned Publications

Planned papers:

  • Predictors of mixture composition in pregnant women from northern Norway.
  • Thyroid hormones during pregnancy and exposure to complex mixtures.
Communicated Results


Interdisciplinary Cooperation

This is an interdisciplinary project but due to the delay the true potential has not been fully vitalized yet. Disciplines involved; environmental chemistry, epidemiology, biochemistry, cell biology.

Budget in accordance to results

The Fram Centre funding has enabled the determination of a broader range of contaminants, taking us a step closer to a full characterization of the cocktail Norwegian pregnant women are exposed to. This has boosted a proposal to Helse Nord.

Could results from the project be subject for any commercial utilization

All the results are not ready and validated yet but international connections have already been established on thyroid hormones and the PhD student will be able to spend some time at INSPQ in Quebec City Canada.