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Project title
Understanding, strategies and communication links to international programs and conventions
Project leader
Alena Bartonova, NILU
  • NILU (Alena Bartonova)
  • NORUT (Eirik Mikkelsen and Marit Aure)
  • UiT (Gunhild Hoogensen)

Hazardous substances, Theme: Risk communication

Funding Source
Fram Centre
Summary of Results
  • Development of Risk Communication Strategy document (in progress)
  • Collaboration on Kolarctic project proposal with Russian and Finnish partners on "Contaminants, food security in border region"
  • Participation in Flagship meetings of other WPs, meetings with KLIF, co-organization of Kalot academy workshop.
  • Co-funding of WP1.3 on Contaminants, food security in Border Region
Published Results/Planned Publications


Communicated Results

Strategy under development

Interdisciplinary Cooperation

The cooperation between different natural and social science disciplines (environmental sciences, environmental chemistry, integrated assessment expertise, sociology, political science, economics, economic geography) are the basic requirement of this activity.

Budget in accordance to results

The funding from FRAM is vital for the cooperation between natural and social sciences. Being able to participate and contribute to a number of workshops and conferences, and to project proposals (including to get the Kolarctic funding) is essential for the interaction with potential users. Without the FRAM funding the project would probably not have started up.

Could results from the project be subject for any commercial utilization

The project is developing risk communication strategy for the Flagship. Review of Flagship results, communication with the most important partners (societal stakeholders and external researchers) and contributions to national and international workshops together with work on research proposals provide the necessary background and knowledge input that complements own research (in WP1.3, and in the following years, in other externally funded projects such as Kolarctic). First draft strategy will be subject to review at Flagship level.