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Project information
Project title
Effects of Ocean acidification on the reproduction of the reef building cold water coral Lophelia pertusa – continued
Project leader
Johanna Järnegren, NINA
  • Johanna Järnegren, NINA- project leader
  • Matilde Skogen Chauton, SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture -participant
  • Trond Størseth, SINTEF Materials and Chemistry - participant

Ocean acidification, Theme: Ocean acidification effects on key components of the Arctic marine ecosystem

Funding Source
Fram Centre, DN
Summary of Results

The project started on October 3rd. Seven individuals of the cold water coral Lophelia pertusa, 16 individuals of the bivalve Deleopecten vitreus and 10 individuals of the squat lobster Munida sarsi are exposed to three different levels of pH. The experiment will run until February/March 2013, when spawning takes place for the corals. Larvae will be investigated for embryogenesis, larval phase and hopefully settling. All three species will also be analyzed with NMR to investigate the potential of this method as a new tool to determine health status at coral reefs. No results are ready until spring/summer 2013.

Published Results/Planned Publications

Publication planned for autumn 2013/spring 2014

Communicated Results


Interdisciplinary Cooperation

The project is inter-disciplinary and involves chemistry as well as social sciences, but evaluation will have to wait until the project is finished.

Budget in accordance to results

The Fram funding made the project possible. As Fram had financed the main part of the project it was easier to get additional funding to be able to increase and complete the project.

Could results from the project be subject for any commercial utilization

As the project yet isn’t finished I will have to wait to answer these questions.