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Project information
Project title
Regulating Arctic Shipping: Political, Legal, technological and environmental challenges (A-LEX)
Project leader
Tore Henriksen, UiT

Project Leader: Professor dr. juris Tore Henriksen, K. G. Jebsen Centre for the Law of the Sea, Faculty of Law, University of Tromsø – The Arctic University of Norway.

National partners:

  • Marintek – Sintef, Trondheim
  • Akvaplan-niva AS, Tromsø

International Partners:

  • Maritime Law Faculty, State Maritime University, St. Petersburg
  • Institute of Legislation and Comparative Law under the Government of the Russian Federation, Moskva
  • Utrecht University, NILOS, Nederland
  • Moscow State Institute of International Relations
  • Vrije University Brussels, Belgia
  • Dalhousie University, Canada

Arctic ocean, Theme: Regimes for sustainable management

Funding Source
Fram Centre
Summary of Results

The project consists of several activities and they will be carried out according to the plan.

Starting seminar:

A starting seminar was arranged in April. The purpose of the seminar was to reach out to different stakeholders.

Visiting researcher:

The visiting researcher, Professor Erik Franckx of Vrije University, an acknowledged expert on Russia and the law of the sea visited Moscow in April 2013 to collect information about the new Russian legislation on the Northern Sea Route and other relevant Russian legal research.  Professor Franckx is a cooperating researcher of the A-LEX. During his visit to Moscow he had access to different libraries where he was able to copy relevant material. He also met with relevant legal researchers. The results of his subsequent research were presented at a workshop on Arctic Shipping, held in St. Petersburg in October.

A workshop on Arctic Shipping was held in St. Petersburg 7. – 10 October 2013. A report on its result is enclosed.

At the Arctic Frontiers 2014, our researchers and cooperation partners presented results from A-LEX – see here for presentations.

For the Management

This research on the Northern Sea route is obviously of relevance to management as well as to the shipping industry. It provides information on Russian legislation and the development of regulations through IMO and other bodies, as well as their inter-relationship. This represents the conditions under which the company must operate, important for assessing the feasibility of these routes.  Regarding the maritime authorities of Norway, this legal development may both impact the Norwegian legislation and be of interest for how Norway should ensure its interests in Arctic shipping and that the development is within the framework of the law of the sea.

Published Results/Planned Publications

The St. Petersburg work shop is aimed at producing several research articles to be published in international peer-reviewed journals, e.g. the Arctic Review on Law and Politics. Professor Erik Franckx will be one of the contributors.

Communicated Results

See 6

Interdisciplinary Cooperation

A-LEX is an inter-disciplinary project and all disciplines involved will participate in these activities.

Budget in accordance to results

The Fram Centre funding has been very important supplementing other funding enabling us to carry out all planned research activities.

If Yes

Indirectly, more information and knowledge about Russian viewpoints and law relating to the Northern Sea Route will be important element for the shipping industry and others in evaluating this alternative route between Europe and Asia.


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