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Project information
Project title
Net Environmental Benefit Analysis Tool to Assess Oil Spill Response Technologies and the Environmental Effects of Arctic Oil Spills -NEBA -
Project leader
Lionel Camus

Janne Søreide, the University Centre In Svalbard

Jasmine Nahrgang, UiT-The Arctic University of Norway

Maria Granberg, The Norwegian Polar Institute

Funding Source

Other funding originates from the International Association of the Oil and Gas Industry (IOGP), ca. 3,000 USD

Published Results/Planned Publications

The field and lab work was completed in June 2015, therefore, no paper has been published yet.

We will have a project workshop in Copenhagen October 2015 to review & discuss the data, in order to plan the scope and number of manuscripts per institutions

Communicated Results

The project has been presented orally at the following venues:

January 2015. Arctic Frontiers, Tromsø, Norway


March 2015. MiljøKonferense, Stavanger, Norway

September 2015. Industry Technical Advisory Committee (ITAC) conference in Brest, France

October 2015, Havforkemøte in Bodø, Norway


Interdisciplinary Cooperation

This project deals with the impact of oil spill inthe pack ice. It involves scientists dealing with engineering&safety, microbiologists, chemists, biologists and statisticians.

Could results from the project be subject for any commercial utilization
If Yes

The final tool that will be a decision support tool for a net environmental benefit analysis to manage an oil spill will be delivered next year in 2016. The tool is intended to be a shareware and will therfore remain open to every stakeholders.