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resurvey; mountain summits; vegetation dynamics; climate change;
Project title
KlimaVeg II - The impact of climate change on species ranges and composition of plant communities in temperate, boreal and alpine regions
Project leader
Jutta Kapfer, NIBIO

Kari-Anne Bråthen, UiT

Funding Source

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Summary of Results

Funding from the Fram Centre in 2015 has contributed to the resampling of vegetation on mountain summits in Finnmark and Troms and to the resampling of phytosociological plots in mountain areas in the county of Troms. This has been done by a team of in total 3 researchers from NIBIO, UiB, and UiT, including the WPL.The data have been digitised and been shared with the KlimaVeg main project for data analyses.

Funding has also supported time spent for the supervision of two MSc students (UiB). MSc theses are expected to be finished in 2016.

Furthermore, funding from the Fram Centre facilitated the participation of the WPL at an international conference (Perth III: Mountains of Our Future Eartch; Perth, Scotland, 04.-08.11.) and a following workshop organised by the working groups sUMMITDiv.

The results of all activities supported by Fram Centre funding are several scientific articles and MSc theses which are in preparation today.

For the Management

No direct management findings can be given at this state of the project yet.

Published Results/Planned Publications

Two posters have been presented at an international conference in Perth, Scotland (Perth III: Mountains of our future earth; 04.-08.11.2015):

- Fossheim, Kjetil; Kapfer, Jutta; Klanderud, Kari; Odland, Arvid; Grytnes, John-Arvid. Can changes in snow cover explain the observed shifts in alpine vegetation range limits?

- Haugum, Siri; Kapfer, Jutta; Klanderud, Kari; Grytnes, John-Arvid.
Does the activity of hikers and grazing animals enhance a range shift of vegetation towards summits?

The posters present first results of two MSc projects (UiB). Several scientific articles are in preparation.

Budget in accordance to results

Project support from FRAM has contributed to increased data sampling in the field, participation at an international conference and international workshop, and the supervision/recruitment of two MSc students (ongoing).

Could results from the project be subject for any commercial utilization

Funding from FRAM enabled future research based on the data sampled within this project. Several scientific articles are work in progress and two MSc theses are being produced. The WPL could attend at the sUMMITDiv workshop for the second time which enhanced discussions and international networks and enabled future project planning/development.