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Reindeer herding
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The re-distribution of common winter pastures - a comparative analyses of land tenure pri-vatisation (REDISTRIBUTE)
Project leader
Marius Warg Næss


Marius Warg Næss (PI, NIKU), Bård-Jørgen Bårdsen (NINA), Ruth Mace (UCL)


Funding Source


Fram Centre

Summary of Results


A manuscript looking at the underlying rationale for privatization of rangelands in Norway and China as well as its effects has been developed. This work is still in progress and will be submitted for publication in 2016. Additionally, funding has been used for revising the science plan for WP 3 in the flagship. See below for list of results.


Published Results/Planned Publications


  • Næss, M. W (manuscript). Nomadic pastoralism in a changing world: a comparative approach.
  • Næss, M. W. & Bårdsen, B.-J. (2015). Market economy vs. risk management: how do nomadic pastoralists respond to increasing meat prices? Human Ecology. 43(3):425-438.
  • Thomas, M., Næss, M. W., Bårdsen, B.-J. & Mace, R. (2015). Saami reindeer herders cooperate with social group members and genetic kin. Behavioral Ecology.


Communicated Results
  • Næss, M. W.  (2015). Reindeer herding in a Changing World. Arctic Change workshop arranged by UCL Global Governance Institute, UCL, UK: 20.10.2015-21.10.2015.
  • Næss, M. W. (2015). Nomadic Pastoralism in a Changing World: A Comparative Approach. Summer School: A Comparative Perspective on Cultural Ecology and Nomadic Life in Central Asia and Norway. Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyzstan: 14.06.2015-23.06.2015.


Interdisciplinary Cooperation


The project consists of both social and natural scientists.


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The budget follows the planned schedule


Could results from the project be subject for any commercial utilization


The projects is following the planned progress.