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Ecosystem services, cultural heritage
Project title
Evaluation of impacts of industrial development on cultural heritage and landscapes within an ecosystem services framework (EvaCES)
Project leader
Marius Warg Næss


Vera Hausner, UiT – The Arctic University of Norway; Einar Eythorsson, Elin Rose Myrvoll,  Stine Barlindhaug, and Alma Thuestad, NIKU.


Funding Source

Fram Centre

Summary of Results


This pilot project had as its main aims to develop an interdisciplinary workshop and to prepare an application for a research project. The workshop will be arranged 20th of November and an application (Integrated coastal resource management and planning - ecosystem services and coastal governance (COREPLAN), with UiT and Nofima) was submitted to MILJØFORSK in September 2015. NIKU also submitted an application to MIKON for 2016 extending the the current project. The project leader also participated as a panel member on the course “BIO-3004 Workshop 3. The ecosystem services approach”   


Published Results/Planned Publications

Not relevant

Communicated Results


Workshop will be arranged 20th of November.


Interdisciplinary Cooperation

The project consists of both social and natural scientists.

Budget in accordance to results


The budget follows the planned schedule


Could results from the project be subject for any commercial utilization

The projects is following the planned progress.