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Reindeer herding
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Fragmentation, density dependency and climate change – Saami reindeer husbandry on the brink
Project leader
Marius Warg Næss


Marius Warg Næss (PI, NIKU), Bård-Jørgen Bårdsen (NINA), Ruth Mace (UCL)


Funding Source


Fram Centre, NIKU, NINA


Summary of Results


For nomadic pastoralists mobility is a key strategy for buffering environmental variation. Fragmentation of rangelands—through e.g. land tenure shifts or changes in use—dissects natural systems into spatially isolated parts restricting the movement of both people and animals. In short, fragmentation limits access to key resources that vary over time and space. The overall objective of this project is thus to assess to what degree fragmentation, through limiting movement, affects long-term viability for pastoralists under different climate scenarios by the use of computer simulations (agent based modelling). The main results of this project are (1) the development of livestock-grass interactions implemented in a model setting. Fragmentation and climate scenarios are being developed; (2) two presentations reviewing the effects of fragmentation comparatively (see list below); and (3) submission of the application “Fragmentation, density dependency and climate change—Saami reindeer husbandry on the brink” to MILJØFORSK in September 2015, extending the framework of the current project.


Published Results/Planned Publications


  • A manuscript will be developed and submitted in 2016: “Herding in a changing world—a comparative approach”.
  • Title of application sent to MILJØFORSK (September 2015): , PI: NIKU, Partners: NINA, NMBU, SLU. Budget: ~7.9 mill NOK.


Communicated Results


  • Næss, M. W.  (2015). Reindeer herding in a Changing World. Arctic Change workshop arranged by UCL Global Governance Institute, UCL, UK: 20.10.2015-21.10.2015.
  • Næss, M. W. (2015). Nomadic Pastoralism in a Changing World: A Comparative Approach. Summer School: A Comparative Perspective on Cultural Ecology and Nomadic Life in Central Asia and Norway. Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyzstan: 14.06.2015-23.06.2015.


Interdisciplinary Cooperation


The project consists of both social and natural scientists.


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The budget follows the planned schedule   

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The projects is following the planned progress.