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Calanus spp., ocean acidifiction, physiology, behaviour, energetics, growth, development, lipid content
Project title
Prosjekt OA-3: Physiological effects of OA in Arctic copepods
Project leader
Howard Browman

Howard Browman, Haakon Hop, Peter Thor, Allison Bailey, David Fields, Jeffrey Ruge, Michael Arts, V. Thiyagarajan, Andrew Mount

Ocean Acidification
Funding Source

Fram Centre + Institute of Marine Research + Research Council of Norway

Summary of Results

We conducted an experiment to assess the effect of two temperature levels and three pCO2 levels on Calanus finmarchicus. The levels selected were framed by predicted increases over the next 100 years. Although the data are still being analysed, there appeared to be no effect of pCO2 at either temperature. As expected, there were clear effects of increased temperature.

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The project management went according to plan.

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Communicated results

Interdisciplinary Cooperation

David Fields - Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences

Jeffrey Runge - Gulf of Maine Research Institute

Andrew Mount - Clemson University

Michael Arts - Ryerson University

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As planned.

Could results from the project be subject for any commercial utilization

Data is still being analyzed. Nonetheless, it is safe to say that temperature increase consistent with global climate change predictions for the Arctic is a more important driver for Calanus spp. populations than is ocean acidification.