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Sustainable management of renewable resources in a changing environment: an integrated approach across ecosystems (SUSTAIN)
Project leader
John-A Henden and Sandra Hamel
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UiT, NTNU, UiO, NINA and NP.

From local institutions: Torkild Tveraa and Audun Stien at NINA, Rolf A Ims, Nigel G Yoccoz, Sandra Hamel and John-A Henden at UiT and Eva Fuglei and Åshild Pedersen at NP

Funding Source

The SUSTAIN project has funding from NRC until the end of 2018.

Summary of Results

The project had its start in January 2016 with a user panel meeting (cf. The Strategic Foresight protocol) where all the researchers in the project, end-users and stakeholders met to disuss what should be the focus of the research witthin the project. This meeting initiated the contact between the different interest-groups within the different focal case-studies in the project, which spearheaded further discussions and meetings throughout the spring of 2016. This has ended up in agreed-upon focus for the scientific work, such that it's focus has relevance for end-users and stakeholders in the future. The additional funding that the project recieved from FRAM ensured that researchers from NINA in Tromsø could attend these meetings and be activly involved in the ongoing discussions. This has been vital, given their long-term reseach and knowledge with regards to reindeer husbandry in Norway, one of the main end-users/stakholders in the project, as well as Auduns long-term research and knowledge from Svalbard in the high-arctic. 

Master and PhD-students involved in the project

A crucial part of the project is the training of young researchers. A total of 10 PhD positions and 11 postdoc positions have been appointed in SUSTAIN, 6 out of which will be financed by the three main partner institutions, including Filippo Marolla at UiT (PhD student).

For the Management

The entire project of SUSTAIN is devoted to the participation of the management, end-users and stakholders with regards to the focus and management relevance of the science within the project.

Published Results/Planned Publications

The project has only in the last 4-5 months started on the actual scientific work. However, already the project have produced published results and several publications are in the making.

Ex. Henden et al. Changed Arctic-alpine food web interactions under rapid climate warming: Implication for Ptarmigan Research. Accepted in Wildlife Biology. This is a review/opinion paper on the potential benefit of a food web approach to research and monitoring og arctic and alpine ptarmigan species world-wide.

Many other papers are in the making! 

Communicated Results

Results are continiously communicated to the end-users and stakeholders through the project.

Budget in accordance to results

All the funding has been used on the vital participation of the two NINA researchers, as planned.

Could results from the project be subject for any commercial utilization

The additional funding from the FRAM centre has assured the crucial involvement and participation of two researchers at NINA in Tromsø, i.e. Torkild Tveraa and Audun Stian, costs which was not included in the project financed by the NRC. Flagship funding have therefore complemented the funding from NRC and assured that the researchers from NINA have had some research time and mental involment devoted to the project.