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Ecosystem services impact assessment cultural heritage
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Ecosystem services and coastal governance (ECCO)
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Einar Eythórsson
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24.21622478/70.49362356 / 18,38786/68,54790

Einar Eythorsson NIKU, Sanne Bech Holmgaard NIKU, Anders Hesjedal NIKU, Elin Rose Myrvoll NIKU, Ann-Magnhild Solaas Nofima, Patrick Berg Sørdal Nofima og Otto Andreassen Nofima (until Sept. 1. 2016)


Funding Source

Mikon flagship

Summary of Results

ECCO aims to explore the potential and implications related to integrating the concept of ecosystem services in environmental impact assessment (EIA) methodology. The focus is on knowledge production in EIAs for new industrial activities in the coastal zone. 

After reviewing planning processes pertaining to aquaculture ventures along the Norwegian coast, we have found that envinonmental impact assessments are hardly ever used for aquaculture ventures on the project level. So-called extended studies are the preferred option. Only five impact assessments for aquaculture projects have so far been conducted. Cultural heritage was for the most part included in these.

The concept of cultural ecosystem services is debated in the literature, so far there is no consensus as to what CES actually describes. There are different definitions and descriptions of what it does and does not encompass within various frameworks.  

Master and PhD-students involved in the project


For the Management

Cultural ecosysstem services are potentially highly applicaple instrument for management, planning an impact assessments in the coastal zone. The results from ECCO will clarify challenges and potential of the concept as a management and planning instrument, particularly in impact assessments, valuation and tradeoffs. 

Published Results/Planned Publications


Communicated Results

Workshop presentations Oct. 27. 2016: 

Thuestad, Alma: Ecosystem services in in Environmental Impact Assessments; challenges and potential.

Hesjedal, Anders: Conflict landscapes and valuations

Solås, Ann-Magnhild: Impact assessments in coastal zone planning

Sørdahl, Patrick: How is cultural heritage included in Impact assessments for industrial development?

Interdisciplinary Cooperation

The project participants represent planning/social science (Eythórsson and Sørdahl), Anthropology (Holmgaard), fisheries science (Solås) and archaeology (Myrvoll, Hesjedal and Thuestad).

Budget in accordance to results

The budget for project application was Nkr 800.000, while the granted budget was Nkr. 473.000. The project activity has been adapted to the budget reduction.

Could results from the project be subject for any commercial utilization

ECCO and Coreplan have both been going for no more than a year; such results and conclusion are not to be expected until the final stage of the projects.