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Minamata Convention; negotiations; science
Project title
Bringing the Arctic perspective to global conventions – The role of science in the negotiations towards the adoption of the Minamata Convention (MINAMARCTIC)
Project leader
Froukje Maria Platjouw
Geographical localization of the research project in decimal degrees (max 5 per project, ex. 70,662°N and 23,707°E)

Froukje Maria Platjouw

Trude Borch

Piotr Graczyk

Hazardous Substances
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Summary of Results

This year we worked on WP2 and mainly WP3. We have selected the research material and developed an interview guide. Several interviews with key persons from Norway have taken place and some will take place in the course of nov/dec. We are in the process of writing a scientific paper on the results of the document analysis and interviews.


The following key persons have been/will be interviewed:

Atle Fretheim

Henrik Hallgrim Eriksen

Eirik H. Steindal

Silje Johannessen

Gunnar Futsæter


Master and PhD-students involved in the project


Published Results/Planned Publications

We aim to publish the paper in the level 2 journal: The Arctic Review on Law and Policy.

Communicated Results

The project has been presented at an internal FRAM centre seminar on June 3rd 2016.

Interdisciplinary Cooperation

The projects uses methodologies from law, politics and social anthropology.

Budget in accordance to results

The budget allows us to carry out the planned research appropriately, though the cut in the proposed budget (from kr 500 000 to 400 000) entails that certain tasks cannot be carried out as thoroughly as others.

Could results from the project be subject for any commercial utilization