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international conference, flagship profiling, outreach
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Flagship profiling at ESSAS Open Science Conference
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Paul Renaud
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69, 68 N 18,93 E

Haakon Hop (NPI)

Bodil Bluhm (UiT)

Benjamin Planque (IMR)

Fjord and Coast
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Summary of Results

The ESSAS conference in Tromsø had over 200 participants from more than 15 countries. It addressed multidisciplinary research on natural and anthropogenic drivers of Arctic and subarctic ecosystems, with a particular focus on fisheries science. Environmental and fisheries managers were present and engaged. This is a key target audience for outreach of results from Fram Centre research activities.


Funding from the Fram Centre flagships was used to highlight flagship contributions to these conference topics, and to profile the Fram Centre through sponsorship of social events. These events included:

1.      Opening Icebreaker reception at Polaria: Fram was the sole sponsor of the event, during which there was a presentation about Fram from utreach coordinator Helge Markusson, three films about Fram projects run continuously (from Hartvig Christie, Arild Sundfjord, and Hold Tromsø Rent), display of roll-ups from each supporting flagship, and distribution of Fram Forum.

2.      Reference to Fram support at opening and closing plenaries

3.      Use of Fram logo on programs, official presentation, etc. (see below)

4.      Co-sponsoring of the conference dinner

5.      Co-sponsoring of travel grants for invited presenters


In addition, funding allowed inclusion of a presentation from the Environmental Hazards flagship, and members of the Ocean Acidification flagship led a workshop before the meeting. Finally, our involvement and support afforded Fram researchers to submit abstracts after the deadline and register late.


All in all, the local organizing committee and the chief organizer (Ken Drinkwater, IMR) feel the conference was a big success, due in part to Fram flagship funding. It is difficult to assess the direct effects of such funding on e.g. the reputation of the Fram Centre, but the association with the conference and its high-quality science cannot be underestimated.


Brochure for the meeting showing the Fram logo.

Master and PhD-students involved in the project

None directly funded by this Fram project since these funds were for research. The sponsorship, however, gave Fram students the opportunity to attend and present. Quite a few students volunteered with the secretariat and participated in this way.

For the Management

The  scientific  topics  of  the  conference  spanned  the research  themes  of  five  Fram  flagships, and  included  relevance  for  management  and  socio-economic development. As such, the conference was one of the most relevant for a context for Fram research.

Published Results/Planned Publications

Not yet, but 1-2 special issues should acknowledge support by Fram for the conference

Communicated Results

Three oral presentations and one poster based specifically on Fram flagship projects were given during the meeting.


Interdisciplinary Cooperation

The conference was highly interdisciplinary, but this is not so relevant for this project funding


Budget in accordance to results


Could results from the project be subject for any commercial utilization