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environmental assessment, sediment map, seabed proccesses
Project title
Marine base maps for the Porsanger Fjord
Project leader
Aivo Lepland
Geographical localization of the research project in decimal degrees (max 5 per project, ex. 70,662°N and 23,707°E)
70,4809N and 25.4659E

• Project leader(s)/institutions: Aivo Lepland , Geological Survey of Norway (NGU)

• Project participants/institutions: Sigrid Elvenes, NGU

Fjord and Coast
Funding Source

FRAM centre, NGU

Summary of Results

All thematic marine base maps that were planned in the project for the Porsanger Fjord have been completed and have been published on the web. The maps can be viewed at the can be integrated map layers into the ArcGIS projects of individual users through the Web Mapping Service (WMS) applications.

Master and PhD-students involved in the project

The subbottom profiling data obtained in the Porsanger project were made available for the PhD project at the UiT, but unfortunately the PhD candidate quit the project.

For the Management

The compiled maps provide the frame work for best possible, knowledge-based management of the fjord and can be used for various management purposes such as identifying suitable sites for marine infrastructure (fish farms, submarine cables/pipes, disposal of mining waste etc), and defining environmental hotspots. The marine base maps coupled with social data will provide a pilot for assessing changes in historical use of the fjord and seabed specifically over time.

Published Results/Planned Publications

1.      Publishing of web maps and related descriptions in the Journal of Maps

2.      Publishing of sedimentary setting and environmental geochemistry results in Norwegian Journal of Geology

Communicated Results

No communication results in 2017

Interdisciplinary Cooperation

As the maps are now freely available on the web we anticipate collaboration with a variety of biological projects and integration of biology-geology datasets.

Budget in accordance to results

The project has been completed within the anitcipated budget constraints.

Could results from the project be subject for any commercial utilization
If Yes

The seabed mapping results obtained in the project provide basis for knowledge based management of marine resources in the Porsanger Fjord and can be for various purposes such as optimal placement of fish farms, assessing economic sand resources, defining positions of seafloor pipelines and cables.