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Snowy Owl, book
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Karl-Otto Jacobsen
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Karl-Otto Jacobsen, NINA (

Kirsti Blom, author (

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Terrestrial Flagship

The Fram Centre


Summary of Results

We started the work with the manus already in September 2016, with a author meeting at NINA in the Fram Centre. 9 drafts later we sent the manus to the editor in Cappelen Damm in April 2017. Blom and Jacobsen had one meeting in Oslo in April choosing pictures, followed by a meeting at Cappelen Damm two weeks later. After 3 more drafts with the publisher, the book was finished in beginning of June. In middle of August the book arrived from the printery, and we had the launching of the book at the Fram Centre at September 7th. The book has been well received and has been bought by the Norwegian Cultural Council. This means that it also comes in all libraries in the country

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The project has been implemented according to the budget. However, at least Jacobsen has spent some more time on the project than estimated. This has been covered by own funds.

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