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Sustainable harvest, climate, harvest, strategic foresight
Project title
Project leader
John-A Henden and Sandra Hamel
Geographical localization of the research project in decimal degrees (max 5 per project, ex. 70,662°N and 23,707°E)
Norway, Terrestrial, freshwater and marine

John-A Henden, Sandra Hamel, Rolf A. Ims, Nigel G. Yoccos, Torkild Tveraa and Audun Stien

Funding Source

Research council, Ecosystems call

Summary of Results

The project has now advanced through most of the stages of the strategic foresight process, that involves heavy involvement from both interest groups and scientists in discussing and forming objectives, data needs and availabilities as well as discussion of results and their relevance for management.

The last year have seen a series of meetings with stakeholders in discussing analyses and results and a lot of this is now formed into scientific papers to be submitted to peer-reviewed journals.

Master and PhD-students involved in the project

In the big SUSTAIN project there are many PhD students and master students involved.

For the Management

Most of the activity within SUSTAIN is centered around addressing questions and challanges relevant to the management of harvested species/systems. Hence, most of what comes out of the project should hopefully be directly relevant to the management.

Published Results/Planned Publications

Effects of climate, harvest and species interactions in the recent large-scale decline of Willow ptarmigan in Finnamrk.

Effect of species interactions, climate and management actions on the reproductive success of Lesser White-fronted goose.

The role of scavenging in a food web context

The role of small rodents and carcass availability in the demography of the red fox population in Finnmark.


Communicated Results

Results are communicated to the many interest-groups frequently throughout the project.

Budget in accordance to results

The full funding from the Framcentre has been used to the planned activity

Could results from the project be subject for any commercial utilization
If Yes

I hope not.


The project is going into its final year and most of the activity is now to write everything into scientific papers.