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The effect of OA on gametes and vulnerable life stages of cold-water corals.
Project leader
Johanna Järnegren
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63.430 N 10.395 E

Johanna Järnegren (NINA)

Sandra Brooke (Florida State University, USA)

Ocean Acidification
Funding Source

Flagship Ocean acidification

Summary of Results

Corals were collected in the spring and maintained in the laboratory for spawning in October/November. These corals (gorgonians) are difficult to maintain in the lab and more than half of the collected number died the first two months. Remaining corals look viable and in good shape but has not produced any gametes. Therefor there has been no spawning and hence no larvae to work with. 

Collection for next years spawning will be done during the autumn instead, closer to spawning event. This will ensure access to larvae in 2019.

Master and PhD-students involved in the project

Master students were not involved at this stage due to the risk of the project. We hope to involve students in 2019.

Could results from the project be subject for any commercial utilization

Working with these corals is challenging, that is one of the main reasons that so little is known about them. Essential knowledge has been gained and we are positive that we will succeed in getting larvae next year.