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Ice-9 med delprosjekt X2068 nr 362274
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Christine Cynn Ice-9
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Tromsø, Svalbard

Ice-9, Fram Flagships: Terrestrial, Polhavet, Fjord & Coast


Funding Source

The project is funded by the following institutions: KORO Kunst i offentlige rom, Kulturråd, Sparebank Kulturnæringsstiftelsen, DKS, NNKM, Fritt Ord, FRAM flagships


Summary of Results

The focus of the project was on building an online community around the issues concerning the future of the Arctic and on the outreach and communication of the flagship´s research projects and themes. Ice-9 has integrated several Terrestrial themes and researchers into live events, workshops (with a combination of narrative techniques and new technology), podcasting and social media.

Ice-9 reaches both regional and international audiences through the new hello X website and podcast to imagine the lives of the future in the Arctic through documentary and fiction stories. After nine months:

  • Our social media reach is now (jan. 2019) 4200 per month and growing

  • Our top videos on social media are viewed around 2000 times in the first three days.

  • First five episodes of the hello X podcast (in English, with bonus Norwegian versions) have around 890 downloads from Apple podcasts, Soundcloud, and all other major podcast apps.

  • The hello X website has around 300 views a day.

  • In 2018 we reached over 500 students in over 25 classroom with augmented reality role-play in northern and southern Norway, with a special 3-day exchange between Russian and Norwegian teens in Svalbard.

  • We have participated in and hosted discussions in 4 cultural festivals, and 4 Framsenteret events.


You will find details concerning each flagship and content in the other sections below. The names of scientists involved are in bold.


Master and PhD-students involved in the project


For the Management

Published Results/Planned Publications


In april 2018 Ice-9 launched the podcast hello X, with a focus on food and ecosystems in the Arctic. You can find the podcasts here:

  • Who is X?

    • about the project hello X with a focus on the relationship between stories and science, with researcher Ann Eileen Lennert (Polar museum).

  • What’s eating you, part 1  (EN, NO)

    • on Arctic food production and land use, with 2 generations of North Norwegian farmers Jenny Nordgård and Helga Nordgård

  • A joik for the future (EN, NO)

    • on climate change and its impact on Sami land use and indigenous identity in the north, with artists Marja Fjellheim Mortensson, Katarina Barruk and Elina Waage Mikalsen

  • What’s eating you, part 2 (EN, NO)

    • on ecosystems, with researchers Lis Lindal Jørgensen (IMR, Fjord and Coast Fram flagship), Pedro Duarte (NPI, Arctic Ocean Fram flagship), Elina Haltunnen (IMR), Ann Eileen Lennert (Polar museum) og Sigurd Tønnessen (Førsteamanuensis filosofi, UiT).

  • Clown of the sea

    • On puffins on Røst, in Northern Norway, with researcher Zofia Burr (fjord and coast).

  • Virtual Nature, part 1 (EN, NO)

    • with Tone Kristin Reiertsen (NINA, Fjord and Coast Fram flagship) og Jan Ove Bustnes (NINA, Hazardous Substances Fram flagship), on seabirds.

  • Virtual Nature, part 2 (EN)

    • With Sigbjørn Skåden and Ismet Bachtiar on virtual nature in fiction stories.


Each episode credits the Fram centre flagships which supported the project in 2018 and 2017:  Fjord & Coast, Polhavet, Terrestrial, MIKON.



23 story workshops:

with school classes (538 pupils) in Aust-Agder, Tromsø og Svalbard,

Science content on seabirds and marine ecosystems from:

Tone Kristin Reiertsen (NINA, Fjord and Coast Fram flagship)

Jan Ove Bustnes (NINA, Hazardous Substances Fram flagship) and

Geir Wing Gabrielsen (NPI).



  • Editing of Tavaha - short film showcasing clean up of the ocean/coast in Lofoten (in jan 2019 the film has reached 2 600 on facebook).

  • Launch of ‘X redder en krykkje’ - animation film based on the stories the pupils made during the story workshops in Aust-Agder, Svalbard and Tromsø (in Jan 2019 the film has reached 4000 on facebook)

  • Launch of social media film from test field trip on Kronprins Haakon w/Polhavet and Arild Sundfjord (in january 2019 the film has reached over 20 000 on facebook)



We have done interviews with researchers and event recordings and logging of material at Framsenteret and are assessing them for use in podcast, social media etc. for 2019.


Interviews that has been recorded and logged in 2018, but will be edited and launched in 2019 for the hello X podcast:


  • Paul Renaud, Fjord and Coast

  • Dorothee Ehrich with artist Marit Ellisiv Landsend

  • Jarle W.Bjerke

Event recordings of presentations/talk and logging:

Dialogdagen - Fjord and Coast

Årsmøte - Fjord and Coast

Framdagen 29.september:

  • Kathy Dunlop (Akvaplan-niva, Flagship Fjord and Coast), ‘Fra vann til hval: økosystemstudier i Kaldfjorden i Troms’

  • Jarle W Bjerke (NINA. Flagship Terrestrial), ‘Raske vegetasjonsendringer i Arktis og i Nord-Norge: kan det påvirke naturforvaltningen’

  • Torkjel Sandanger (UiT, flagship hazardous substances), ‘Befolkningsundersøkelser øker vår forståelse av miljøeksponering’

  • Anita Evenset (Akvaplan-niva, flagship MIKON), ‘Sjødeponier for avgangsmasse fra gruver - konsekvenser for marint miljø

  • Haakon Hop (NPI, flagship Ocean Acidification), ‘Havforsurning i arktiske havområder - forskning og visjoner i flaggskipsprosjektet OA-DREAM.

  • Karl Gunnar Aarsæther (SINTEF Ocean, flagship Arctic Ocean) ‘Forbedret sikkerhet i isen - hvordan kan tallene hjelpe?’


The recordings are being logged and evaluated for use in podcast or social media posts in 2019. Raw sound files/clips are available upon request.



Posts on facebook page ‘hello X’.


  • Framdagen image w/text - news post about Framdagen at Framsenteret, introducing the new flagship ‘Plastic in the ocean’.

  • Fritt Fram live stream of talks with researcher presenters at Fritt Fram (featuring Tone Kristin Reiertsen (NINA, Fjord and Coast Fram flagship)

  • Image w/quote - Pedro Duarte (Polhavet) on change in marine ecosystems

  • Video of from talk-show at Dialogdagen (fjord and coast) Photo & post featuring the participating institutions

  • Plastic in the Arctic workshop, live stream from the Fram centre tour.

  • All podcast episodes and events have been announced on hello X facebook page.

  • The launch of the Kronprinshaakon short film has been announced in a facebook post featuring Arild Sundfjord, the leader of ‘Sea ice in the Arctic Ocean, technology and agreements’, and the head of ‘physical drivers’ research with Arven etter Nansen research project managed by UiT Norges arktiske universitet and Laura Crews of Norsk Polarinstitutt.



  • Talk show at Tromsø Folkekjøkken

    • Guests included researcher Starrlight Augustine, Akvaplan-niva.  Cesare)

  • hello X podcast launch event at Polaria:

    • Talk show + parade ‘March to the Future’

  • Presentation of hello X project at Framdagen

  • Fritt Fram!

    • talk show + exhibition elements. Guests included researchers Dorothee Ehrich (UiT), Paul Renaud (Akvaplan-niva) and Pedro Duarte (NPI).

  • hello X story laboratory at Insomnia

    • Talk show + AR app test

  • Talk show at Dialogdagen (included Lis Lindal Jørgensen, Tone Kristin Reiertsen, Janne Søreide (UNIS), Raul Primicerio (UiT), Martin Biuw (Havforskningsinstituttet)

  • Talkaoke mobile talkshow at Fram breakfast.

Invitations to the launch for podcast, Fritt Fram! talk show and hello X story laboratory (@insomnia) was sent to project leaders for 2018 projects in the flagships Fjord and Coast, Arctic Ocean, MIKON and Terrestrial


Communicated Results

See section Published results

Interdisciplinary Cooperation

See section Published results

Budget in accordance to results

Påløpte kostnader 2018




Engagement with the flagship researchers, publications, and databases

30 000

Production of podcast based on ‘Klimaeffekter på terrestre økosystemer, landskap, samfunn og urfolk’ inputs

30 000

Addition of ‘Klimaeffekter på terrestre økosystemer, landskap, samfunn og urfolk’ content to additional X2068 elements (youth workshops, public art installation, website, social media, live events)

30 000  


10 000

SUM (påløpte kostnader 2018)

100 000

Could results from the project be subject for any commercial utilization