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Project information
land use changes, infrastructure, reindeer, productivity
Project title
Productivity effects in reindeer from changes in human land use – improving snow and vegetation map layers to facilitate sustainable land use
Project leader
Audun Stien
Geographical localization of the research project in decimal degrees (max 5 per project, ex. 70,662°N and 23,707°E)
Northern Norway (69 degrees N, 23 degrees E)

Kari Anne Bråthen, UiTø
John Fryxell and Rebecca Viejou , University of Guelph, Canada
Glen Liston, University of Colorado, USA

Funding Source

Fram Centre flagship MIKON and NFR

Summary of Results

The data collected by ph.d. student Rebecca Viejou in 2018 has been processed in 2019 and used to produce a plant quality and biomass map for areas used by reindeer in Norway. The map is a core element in her ph.d. work on the habitat use of reindeer. The ph.d. thesis has been delayed a bit, but will be submitted in 2020, and will include publications using the plant quality and biomass maps developed through this MIKON project. 80 000 NOK of the funding from MIKON in 2019 was to be used to cover the cost of Viejou's stay in Norway in 2019. For reasons, of personal character, this trip to Norway has been delayed to January 2020.

In addition, the funding from MIKON was used cover the hours used by Glen Liston in his work on generating dayly snow maps for Finnmark for the period 1958-2018, using the snow model developed by him. In 2019 he has produced snow model maps with a fine spatial resolution for several reindeer districts in Finnmark. This product has been made available for the project and will be made available to other users in 2020.

Master and PhD-students involved in the project

1 ph.d. student from Canada, Rebecca Viejou.

For the Management

The results of interest for management will come in 2020.

Published Results/Planned Publications

Several publications are planned. Concrete titles will come in 2020.

Communicated Results

The results are not reached a stage suitable for communication.

Interdisciplinary Cooperation

The project is dominateded by ecologists, but the results will be presented and discussed with reindeer herders from focal reindeer herding units, and this interaction will be reported in association with the presentation of the results.

Budget in accordance to results

Travel costs for R Viejou - 80 000,-
Snow model work by G. Liston - 230 000,-

Could results from the project be subject for any commercial utilization

The project has seen a delay in the trip of Rebecca Viejou to Norway, but else has followed the plan in 2019.