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management, european goose population, agriculture Task Force, AEWA
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The European Goose Management Platform; Coordinating the Agriculture Task Force
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Ingunn M. Tombre
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The Agriculture Task Force Members


(23 partners, see co-authors of attached EGMP Report)


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Terrestrial Flagship, Strategic Support

Summary of Results


The funding in this project supported the activities as a coordinator for the Agriculture Task Force in the European Goose Management Platform (EGMP), an initiative under The Agreement of the Conservation of African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbirds.


The Task Force deals with issues at the interface between agriculture and geese foraging on farmland. As goose populations respond to a warmer climate, they increase in numbers and hence increase the crop damages and conflicts with agricultural interest. 

The Task Force, with its present 23 members representing nine countries (Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Ukraine and United Kingdom) and five organisations (BirdLife International, Copa Cogeca, EU Farmers, FACE and Wetlands International), have participated in an online meeting in April 2019, and met at a face-to-face meeting back-to-back with the yearly meeting of the working groups in Perth, UK, 17-20 June 2019.


The coordination of the Agriculture Task Force is a strategic position for Norway. Norway hosts all the goose populations included in the EGMP, and our country face significant challenges for the farming industry in the growing season. Being in a position where finding solution and enlightening these challenges, being basically also a result of a warming climate, may set Norway on the map also on the political arena where climate effects, and how to deal with them, are on the agenda.




One of the main activities in the project, has been the development of an EGMP Report: Management Measures for Geese in Range States of the European Goose Management Platform: An overview, where information about the different management measures and practices in EGMP Range States were compiled. The main aim of the report was to provide useful information for Range States in order to exchange experiences, knowledge sharing and evaluate the possible solutions for conflict-reduction between wildlife and farming (see reference Box 7).


Another activity has been the creation of an overview/meta-database of relevant ongoing projects and data availability (an ongoing activity with deadline for completion in January 2020). The database consists of the following variables: (I) Range State, (II) Project ID, (III) Project Name, (IV) Region/Location, (V) Goose species involved, (VI) Crop types involved, (VII) Time of year, (VIII) What is measured; goose related and agriculture related, (IX) Data availability, (X) Contact person, and (XI) Other relevant information. Each line in the file is associated with a reference, either to a published paper, a report or any other information like “unpublished manuscript” etc. The reason for the overview is to bring to front what kind of data exist for further development and parameterisation of population models developed by the EGMP’s Modelling Consortium. Here, Integrated Populations Models (IPM) are developed for the populations and management units involved. The IPMs are important content of Adaptive Flyway Management Programs developed for each species in EGMP. Some of the data available, relevant for modelling, often appears in the so-called “grey literature” often unavailable and of different languages. This overview will bring this information together and available.


For the Management


The activities in this project are a direct management task; supporting the ongoing European management of goose populations (see Summary of results).

Published Results/Planned Publications


Tombre, I. 2019. Report and Recommendations of the EGMP Agriculture Task Force and Workplan for 2019/2020. Doc. AEWA/EGMIWG 4.18, 17 May 2019.




Tombre I.M., Brunner, A., D’Hondt, B., Düttmann, H., Enzerink, R., Fox, A., Feige, N., Heldbjerg, H., Herraro B., Huysentruyt, F., Kostiushyn, V., Månsson, J., McKenzie, R., Mensink, G. Meyers, E., Midtgaard, L., Nilsson, L., Nolet, B., Petrovych, O., Post, K., Scallan, D., Teräväinen, M., Uldal, C., Westebring, M. and Høj Jensen, G., 2019. An Overview of the Management Measures for Geese in Range States of the European Goose Management Platform. AEWA EGMP Publication No. 10. Bonn, Germany.


Communicated Results




Agriculture Task Force, AEWA European Goose Management Platform, Perth, UK, 2019:


 (I)               Tombre, I. M. 2019. Agriculture Task Force; 2nd face-to-face meeting. AEWA European Goose Management Platform,       Task Force Meeting 17 June 2019, Perth, Scotland.

(II)              Tombre, I. M. 2019. Agriculture Task Force; Report and recommendations for 2019/2020. AEWA European Goose                         Management Platform, International Working Group meetings, 18-20 June 2019, Perth, Scotland.






 Tombre, I. M. 2019. The European Goose Management Platform; Coordinating the Agriculture Task Force. Seminar The Terrestrial Flagship, The Fram Centre, NFH, Lille Auditoriet E – 102, 28 May 2019.




 CONFERENCE; Norwegian Ecological Society:


 Tombre, I. M. 2019. Adaptive management of increasing goose populations; the European framework. 4th Conference of the Norwegian Ecological Society: Towards Policy-Relevant Ecology. Tromsø, 11-13 February 2019. The Arctic University of Norway

Interdisciplinary Cooperation


Specifically for the present project, the members in the Agriculture Task Force is a group of people composed by scientists, managers and various user-/stakeholder-groups. Hence the work has a transdisciplinary format, but not interdisciplinary as such in respect to the various activities accomplished in 2019.


Budget in accordance to results


This activity would not have been possible at this level without the funding from the Fram Centre. Without the funding, no complete reports would have been possible and some of the initiatives would not have been suggested. The funding is hence very much appreciated!


Could results from the project be subject for any commercial utilization


The Agriculture Task Force is an ongoing activity, assisting the various processes in the European Goose Management Platform. Bringing together 13 Range States with representatives from management and research institutions, and 17 organisations of stakeholders, the platform at present holds more than 80 individual members. The platform addresses the conservation and management of declining, as well as growing, goose populations in Europe by a coordinated flyway approach amongst all Range States concerned. As the management in the platform by definition is adaptive and science-based, and the experts are scientists with comprehensive experiences, ongoing and potential new research projects run in parallel to the implementation of the plans. For further details see the webpage: Here, meeting documents, published peer-review papers, reports and news are available.