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Multistressor workshop
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Geir Rudolfsen, NRPA
  • Geir Rudolfsen, NRPA
  • Jan Ove Bustnes, NINA

Hazardous substances, Theme: Animal health and ecosystem

Summary of Results

First step by the organisers was to define the content and extend of the workshop. This was done in mid August, as that was the first available date to meet for the organisers. And briefly, we decide that the workshops should be a one day workshop (15.02.2012), with three parts. The first part should involve lecture / presentation by invited speakers (focus on multiple stressors). The second part, Fram Centre participants should shortly presents their on going projects or interest in multiple stressors. In part 3, a round-table discussion on experiments and actions for the years to come is planed. The aim would be to make the first fundamental base for applications involving FRAM Partners in future applications.

We contacted leading scientists from that have experience in multiple stressors. We have successfully made an arrangement with scientist involved in NoMiracle ( and CHRONOEXPO to contribute, in addition to a biostatistician. The invited speaker are Nigel Yoccoz (, Bruno Fiervert ( and Thomas Backhaus (, which all will give a lecture in part 1.

We will make a call just after new year, with a set program. So far, Nigel will focus my on experimental designs and associated statistical modeling/analyses for investigating effects of multiple factors, such as fractional factorial designs and response surface designs. Thomas will focus on the conceptual overview of what we know about the mixture (eco)toxicity of chemicals, touch upon joint effects with non-chemical stressors and draw some conclusions for experimental design and chemical regulation. Bruno will focus on the effect of chronic exposure to low doses of contaminants and address both integrated (development, growth,…) and cellular/molecular biological endpoints.

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