Flagship project calls for funding in 2019

Flaggskip finansiering utlysning for midler i 2019

UPDATE THE CALLS FOR FLAGSHIP FINANCING ARE RELEASED (or will be very shortly) link ->  http://www.ifram.no/flagships-and-funding.348121.en.html

The calls for flagship financing will be released shortly and the deadline will be as usual 1 November. 

There will be no incentive call this year but this will be replaced by one related to the Plastic in the Arctic programme which will most likely have a deadline 1 December. more info here-> http://www.ifram.no/plastic-in-the-arctic.473690.en.html

We are working hard on a new portal for delivering your projects - the templates will be the same as usual but we will deliver the admin info in an online form and the written proposal as usual via a webpage.